Company profile

      Jiangsu zhengfanhuadong purification equipment co., LTD Is located in historical and cultural city-Yangzhou baoying。Long unique humanities landscape, natural landscape is beautiful and elegant. The beijing-shanghai expressway in the east, west near the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, the amphibious transportation is convenient 。 Company is a member, member of China pharmaceutical equipment industry association, isCollection of scientific research, development, design, manufacturing as one of the pure water equipment professional manufacturer ; The company long-term commitment to research and development of water treatment equipment, pay attention to using today's advanced technology manufacturing purified water equipment, the equipment listed in the jiangsu province spark plan project; Companies in the same industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system standard certification, ensures that the famous brand of jiangsu province & other; Golden urn & throughout; Series product quality, won the overwhelming majority of customer recognition and trust. The company wholeheartedly for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical, desalination, sewage treatment, electric utility softening and other projects of new and modified to provide technical consultation and design of pure water equipment, according to customer requirements to provide all kinds of full set of purified water equipment; New developed electric multiple effect distilled water machine (patent products, high-tech products), multi-function multiple effect distilled water machine (patent products, high-tech products), high efficiency and energy saving of pure steam generator (patent products, high-tech products), etc. equipment structure unique, beautiful shape, high efficiency and energy saving, PLC automatic control system, production and control to realize the intelligent management for the customer.
Jiangsu zhengfanhuadong purification equipment co., LTD