What is the difference between a pure water machine and an ordinary water purifier?

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2018/12/18 13:58
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Environmental pollution is not a strange thing for people nowadays. We see sewage, stinking ditch and other factors that pollute water quality everywhere. For the sake of its own health and safety, the emergence of pure water machine has alleviated our drinking water problem, and its advantages are fully demonstrated compared to ordinary water purifiers.
1, the first generation of products: activated carbon pure water machine. The water purification device with activated carbon as the core uses the adsorption capacity of activated carbon to purify the water source, and has certain ability to remove large particles of impurities, heavy metals, organic matter, residual chlorine and the like in the water, and is a pure water machine that enters the family earlier.
2, the second generation of products: ultrafiltration (hollow fiber) pure water machine. The pure water machine adopts a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, which can effectively remove bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, and gelatinous substances in water. It is generally supplemented with a composite activated carbon filter to make it more effective. It is the main product in the water treatment market today. However, due to the influence of the water quality of the water source, the dissolved solids (salt), hardness, heavy metals and small molecular substances in the raw water are obviously removed.
3. Compared with ordinary pure water machine, the core technology of pure water machine adopts the reverse osmosis membrane technology which was first applied in the field of aerospace. The reverse osmosis membrane has a high removal rate for the smallest volume of material in the raw water, ions. The reverse osmosis membrane can reduce the hardness of the raw water and the content of the dissolved solids (salt), and can completely change the water quality of the raw water to produce clear, sweet and pure water.
The pure water machine removes almost all the doping substances in the raw water, so the water quality of the water supply is less affected by the water source conditions, and it can be applied to a wider range of fields, has a more significant purification effect, and is safer and healthier to use.
Compared with barreled purified water, pure water machine has several remarkable features: the overall price ratio is more economical; because pure water is used in a wider range and uses more; so the current system is more convenient and effective, and avoids it. Secondary pollution, etc. In particular, some pure water machines are also equipped with heating and cooling systems. Compared with barreled pure water, they have a strong market advantage and will become an alternative to barreled pure water.
Baifukang has a variety of senior technical staff and senior management personnel. It has unique achievements in the research and development of water purification filter materials and water treatment equipment. The self-developed and produced nano-microcrystalline composite filter material, spherical activated carbon, fly ash activated regeneration filter material, imitation ecological straight drink machine, etc. have reached the domestic advanced level, effectively filling the domestic gap.
Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has many advantages such as low cost, good purification effect, stable performance, rich raw materials and environmental protection, and has obtained a number of patents. Based on the company's patent achievements, the company's main products: household water purifier, commercial pure water machine, faucet pure water machine, ultrafiltration pure water machine, central pure water machine, pure water machine parts and consumables, large water treatment equipment, etc. A range of products.